Fishin' for Pickles

In 2005 Jamie became a father for the first time and began sharing his love of music with his daughter Sadie. Together they played with ideas and sounds and before long they were making music. Play time, silly ideas, and lots of love and laughter soon led to Fishin’ for Pickles, a CD filled with songs that are fun and will make you want to get up and dance or sing along. It is not important if the pitch is off, or the key is not just right, it’s about having fun with your children and enjoying music.

Children are some of the most creative and interesting people there are and art is another way that children can share their creativity. Also enclosed in this CD are examples of a number of interesting art projects that were in-spired by the songs on this CD. Some directions have been provided, but play around and let your imagination go… you might be amazed by what you and your children create.

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Flowers is a collection of 13 songs including fan favourites UNREQUITED CHICKEN LOVE, FLOWERS and 38 LIES. The songs on the album range in subject from: loss, clothes hanging on the line, to ...well ... the unrequited love of a heart broken chicken.

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Recorded by Jamie with help from Producer, Dave Hillier, Telepathetic is a collection of 13 original songs that showcase Jamie's strong song writing abilities and features performances by Rawlins Cross member Brian Bourne on stick and Bass, Jeff Arsenault and Dave Burton on drums, Konrad Pluta on keyboards, Bob MacIsaac on guitar and Dave Hillier on bandolin.

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Free Songs Telepathetic - Speed of Love


Feel the warmth of the fire and hear the loons (some of them are actually birds). Written and recorded on Merry Isle during a particularly fun summer holiday. This CD feels like summer, from the giddy heat of August to the somewhat melancholy days of September.

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Free Songs  Holy Stoley

This CD From Vancouver art rockers Bob's Your Uncle, was the most succesful recording for this Band in terms of sales and critical accalim, features Jamies signerature song of the time: " If I Drop The Bomb."

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The Wingnuts Featuring Jamie Junger and Bernie Radelfinger was a mainstay of the Vancouver music scene.

This CD features some of their biggest & zaniest hits including:
" I'm so Far behind that I think I'm first." and many more...

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Jamie helped his Mother, Ellie, record this CD featuring her Poems with a subtle backdrop of ambient music by Jamie. It has been featured on CBC radio's Richardsons Round Up.

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Free Songs  Poem for Mathew

Wingnuts Fire Sale

The songs on Fire Sale are available for FREE! Click to listen or right-click to download.

Aligator Sewer
Anything for You
Can't Stop
Don'tcha Go and Remind Me
No One Knows Me
Love Divided by 2
She's a Movie
Time is Fat
Shadows and Suns
Piss Pots/Piss Me Off/Finale

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